Sep 3

Google Chrome Rocks

Posted by Praneel

Google Chrome is The Browser I’ve been waiting for. It’s so clean to install, got a cool color scheme and running so smooth, even on my old 1.6 Ghz centrino Tablet PC. Besides the obvious fact that it is from Google, the story behind it’s development is equally exciting to know.This is what I like about Google. Unlike other browsers, they started from scratch and built this browser with one thing in mind- Function. They are totally honest about the whole thing. They are saying
| it’s not totally safe, it’s not perfect and it’s not proprietary. Take what ever you want and develop your own version, don’t even ask for our permission. It’s our contribution to the world |
The best thing about this browser is it’s simplicity. Once you go Chrome, there is no turning back.
Things I like about Google Chrome:
1. Clean and Robust build even in beta phase.
2. Run processes in a Sandbox – avoids malware from installing.
3. Separation of tabs visually and process wise- whole browser never crashes, just the bad tab.
4. Constant updates of phishing and malware sites and alerts.
5. Integrated Google Gears to speed up sites with supported apps.
6. Quick import of settings and passwords from Firefox and IE.
7. V8 JS engine and Webkit rendering engine.
8. Incognito tab – totally private and no history is left.

I want Google Chrome to improve in these departments:
1. There is no warning when closing multiple tabs. There is an option to restore opened tabs on startup. But the warning should be there for those of us spoiled by Firefox.
2. There should be a master password to show all passwords. An option to print the password and user names along with websites.
3. An option to change the saved User names and passwords as you like, even the site URL.
4. Better import of passwords from Firefox. They miss exact path in some cases.
5. Scrolling is very difficult using a laptop’s touch pad. It scrolls too much and is irritating. My bad 🙂
6. There is no STOP button. Why ?
7. No Google Toolbar and No way to Organize Favorites. Man this needs a lot of work.
8. No Flashget integration.
9. No way to convert an incognito tab into a normal one. You have click on the Chrome icon in Programfiles to get a fresh normal tab.

More suggestions on the way.

10 Features of Google Chrome -Video:

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