Apr 5

I miss

1) Operator/Service Messages and Commands(ussd widget solves the commands problem, but needs more dev to handle service messages and their reply commands).  Fully functional with the new Update.

2) A simple SMS list with marking capability for archiving and deletion.

3) Ovi Maps for Indian small towns.

4) And Ovi Sync. (Pc sync is working and I was able to copy all contact from my 3110classic to this one by connecting both to the pc)

I like every single feature-

like, the light sensor for lcd and keyboard illumination, the browser, the feel of the keypad , the crisp display, the fast wifi scanner, the media player that plays almost every type of video, the freedom that comes with the device, and the feeling that I truely own this phone.

I strongly recommend a bluetooth or wired handsfree set to avoid wrist strain using this 1/4 kg hardware…. Ahh the days of motorola bricks are back again.

[Posted from my N900]