Feb 15

Yesterday, I was searching for a cable in my attic and I found a rusty piece of metal fitted with a wooden handle. I brought it down to throw it away. Then I found out that, this is my Air Rifle which was a gift from my uncle in 1994.

The butt was broken off at the grip. It’s GNW India make .22 cal with Grill tip, scope rail and an excellent Trigger. They don’t make this anymore. I bought a Chinese made Sisco Air Pistol a couple of weeks ago and because of it’s pathetic performance (couldn’t even pierce a coke can at 10m) some new boxes of .22 pellets are in my closet. I loaded the old rifle with a .22 pellet, set up an empty Coke can, aimed and fired a shot. I was totally surprised. This gun was not used for 7 years and it is covered in rust, still the first shot sliced through the coke can, a plastic bin behind it and chipped off a piece of cement before ricocheting and hitting my hand.

I gave it a quick overhaul, fixed it with some nylon rope (the screws on the sides are not available, I have to find some other solution) and zeroed it with some rusty tricks. Now it is amazingly accurate even at 20m. Here is a coke can and my old air rifle.

Coke Can with Air Rifle Shots
My old Air Rifle
GNW Air Rifle Logo