Apr 5

I miss

1) Operator/Service Messages and Commands(ussd widget solves the commands problem, but needs more dev to handle service messages and their reply commands).  Fully functional with the new Update.

2) A simple SMS list with marking capability for archiving and deletion.

3) Ovi Maps for Indian small towns.

4) And Ovi Sync. (Pc sync is working and I was able to copy all contact from my 3110classic to this one by connecting both to the pc)

I like every single feature-

like, the light sensor for lcd and keyboard illumination, the browser, the feel of the keypad , the crisp display, the fast wifi scanner, the media player that plays almost every type of video, the freedom that comes with the device, and the feeling that I truely own this phone.

I strongly recommend a bluetooth or wired handsfree set to avoid wrist strain using this 1/4 kg hardware…. Ahh the days of motorola bricks are back again.

[Posted from my N900]

3 Responses to “What I miss and what I like in the Nokia N900”

  1. AT&T Fan Says:

    Nokia smart phones are great. ATT has great savings on phone plans plus new U-verse internet.

  2. Amit Says:

    That was indeed very true what u said here…but could u tell me if i shud choose dell streak over n900 and why or why not.

  3. Praneel Says:

    I’ve no clue about the Dell Streak. But I would not buy a new N900 now. There are much better options like HTC Desire HD which are fully supported by the app developers. N900 has it’s own nostalgic appeal due to it’s design, history and the few rebels trying save it from total abandonment. If we are talking about pure specs, every latest smart phone is 2x more powerful than N900 in all aspects – CPU, graphics, battery and screen. 32GB internal memory is the only edge N900 still has over some of these new phones.
    At this point I fell that-
    N900 = Nostalgia
    New Smart Phones = High Functionality, Faster Hardware, Better Upgrades and Wide Range of Apps.

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