Jan 1

“Why? ”

Imagine every Politician/Leader constantly confronted with this question.

Why should we let you treat us like fools.

Why should we suffer your arrogance and your unimaginable greed.

Why should we keep suffering at the whims of your Family and Entourage.

Why should we let you drag us into inhumane battles of race, region and religion at the cost of our own lives.

Why should we unite behind you, when you constantly try to divide us.

Why should we call you our Leader, when you only Leave us.

Why should we fight for you, when you don’t even feel for us.

Why should we vote for you, when you don’t vouch for us.

Why should we love you, when you don’t even like us.

Why are we like this, Why are  you not like us.

Now imagine, all the citizens asking themselves, the same.

I strongly believe that-

In the matters of Life, Love and Liberty, all the Right Answers are Right There in the Right Questions.

Start Asking.

Jan 1

Wind(ow)s of 7

Posted by Praneel

Windows 7 Screen Shot

Windows 7 Screen Shot

I’ve skipped trying out Vista all along due to the scary stories of people being eaten alive by the bugs in the code. But Windows 7 seems to be a germ free(?!) delight even in the Beta stage. The pleasant Aero interface of vista added with the less nagging security checks is one of the biggest selling points of Windows 7. The Pre-Beta releases are stable enough to lift my hopes. I can say that, Windows 7 is the Second Coming of Windows 95 (like revolution).

Just for the record – I think Open but my Source is Not.

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2009