Jul 30

Intel July 2008 Price Drop
Intel announced a huge price drop in Core 2 Duo CPU segment on 21st July 2008. The best buy now is Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16 GHz 6MB L2 Cache). Current Price in India is going below Rs 8,500. Here is the original Intel Price list. Since I am a Quad Core fan, I was not very happy with this.

Intel August 2008 Price Drop
When I went to place an order for Q9450 (Quad core 2.6 GHz, 12MB L2 cache) processor my dealer suggested me to wait for a couple of weeks. There is a memo sent to the distributors about a new price cut scheduled for 10th August 2008, in Quad Core segment and it is a really good one. Intel Q9450 and Q9550 are currently at Rs. 15,500 and Rs. 25,500 respectively. Q9450 is going to be phased out and Q9550 is going to be available for Rs. 15,000 + taxes.

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