May 1

I read this Indian inventor who lives in penury just now, and it is about the inventor of an amphibious bicycle from Bihar, who made it under Rs 6000 against patented designs of Rs 45000 to 50000. The BBC got an interview and declared that NIF used and left the guy to his fate. The NIF gave an explanation about the help he received and expressed their sympathy and apology for not being able to make this a financial success for the Inventor.

My Ideas
I think this amphibious Bicycle / Tricycle can be sold in states like Kerala and in countries like Thailand where waters ways are highly used.
Instead of the usual boat, tourists can get a ride on this amphibious bicycle / tricycle. They can even rent their own Amphibicycle and have a trip in the water ways. If successful we can see couples in this amphibicycle instead of a gondola in Venice.

If you have any ideas please share them here.