Apr 9

2 Broadband Connections, 1 Billing Account – Convert BSNL’s Free land line into a second Broadband Connection

I already have a Home 900 Unlimited Connection from BSNL.
Recently a marketing guy from BSNL called me and offered a free phone connection for 1 year. The reason – I was paying more than Rs 1500 per month in bills for the past one year. He told me that this new phone has no free calls and no security deposit or installation charges. The call charges were Rs. 1.20/min.

Then I asked him if I could use this new phone for a second broadband connection. He told me that this was the first time he had heard this question. So he checked and told me that it’s absolutely possible. He gave me a choice of numbers and picked a good one out of them. I said OK, and believe it or not, with in 1 hour I got my new phone installed. The phone was activated the next morning. I applied for a Home 500 plan and paid for the Type 2 Modem (1 WiFi + 1 LAN port). With in 4 days I got a second broadband connection with a Type 4 Modem (1 WiFi + 4 LAN ports). The guy who brought it doesn’t even know what he is holding. I opted out for installation, so he gave me the DNS, login, pass, helpline no. etc. and left.

Now I have a Home 900 automatically converted into a Home 750 (which I will convert into a Flexi 350 next month) and a Home 500 Plan. I use the unlimited one all day and for all systems and the 500 (with 2Mbps true speed) in the free hours. I wanted this setup for more than a year now. And they always said that one billing account can get only one Broadband connection at home. Somehow it’s changed for the better.

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