Apr 7

Did not happen. Check this post.

At last the day we are all waiting for has arrived. Unlimited 2Mbps Broadband Home Plan is here. BSNL gave this ad today and I’ve confirmed with the their customer care. This is going to be integrated into the system tomorrow i:e 8th April 2008. I repeatedly asked them if it is a 256 kbps to 2Mbps plan (Like the Home plan 500) or one like the current Home 900 Plus at 256kbps constant speed and their answer was very exciting to me. It is a 256kbs to 2Mbps variable speed plan (like Home 500) . BSNL did mention that this is an Unlimited Plan in the ad and their customer care explained what “Maximum Rs 750 per month billing” means.

BSNL Broadband Unlimited 2mbps Flexi 350 Home Plan

The Plan Details

1. You pay Rs 350 per month for 2GB of transfer limit.
2. Once your limit is exceeded, you are billed Rs 0.85/MB of transfer.
3. The maximum billed amount per month is Rs 750.
4. Once the overage exceeds 470 MB (470 x .85 = Rs 400) or your total bill reaches Rs 750 ( initial 350 + 400 = 750) the plan becomes unlimited, and you will be billed no more than Rs 750 for that month.
5. No more “2 AM to 8 AM free hours”. (Who needs them now ?)
6. This plan is for a limited period only. ( It sounds cheesy.. cos they didn’t say if they are going to keep the plan for a limited time or the sign-up period for a limited time)

This the coolest thing BSNL has ever done (besides rural mobiles). I am waiting till tomorrow to see if they keep these specs or change them to 256 kbps.

It’s Impact

– More e-learning courses can be launched by providers
– Rich content can be delivered without compressing too much detail
– The real broadband experience can be felt by everyone
– Students have more time to learn and less frustration downloading a lecture
– We can see an exponential increase in creation and exchange of rich media content

Let’s see tomorrow whether this holds true.

12 Responses to “BSNL Broadband Unlimited 2Mbps Flexi 350 Home Plan is Here !”

  1. Vikranth21 Says:

    […] I saw this blog link on technorati about BSNL’s new 2MBPS Unlimited Plan. Can anybody verify this. Is this true? […]

  2. Temp Says:

    Which telugu daily is that? which u hv scanned

  3. Praneel Says:

    This is EENADU. It’s on 3rd or 5th Page bottom. I am posting the update now.

  4. Dheeraj Says:

    Hi Praneel,
    Thx for the info provided by you on 350flexi plan but i want to know is any landline bill i need to pay in this plan.
    Presently i am using 900plus plan in that monthly landline rent is nil.

  5. Praneel Says:

    You are welcome Dheeraj.

    BSNL calculates Phone Plan and Broadband Plan (or any other value added service) separately but bills them together (you pay them all in one bill). The Broadband Plus plans- 750 Plus (Previously 900Plus) and 500 Plus are the only ones without any Phone Plan rental and are introduced to increase Broadband usage in INDIA.

    There are 2 things –

    1) 900 Plus plan is now 750 Plus and you will be paying Rs 750 per month. That is a good deal. If paid annually it is just Rs 7500 – unlimited 256 kbps BSNL Broadband.

    2) BSNL’s Flexi 350 plan is “not linked” with any other phone plan yet. BSNL will activate Flexi 350 on your phone irrespective of the phone plan.

    If you want to convert your Current 750 Unlimited Plus to Flexi 350, then technically BSNL will ask you to take a new phone connection, or shift to a minimum SULABH plan (Rs 125/month approx) for the current free phone line.

  6. vsn reddy Says:

    Is flexi 350 plan now available in visakhapatnam?

  7. madhu Says:

    yes, it is recently launched in vizag also, i seen it on cable vision scrolling advertisement from bsnl

  8. naresh Says:

    pl telll about home flexy plan 350 for rajsthan or any other plan for unlimited downlode in day and night

  9. Praneel Says:

    Hello Naresh, I came to know that Flexi 350 Plan is introduced in a few cities only. You can call your local BSNL office and find out. If you want an unlimited package, you have 2 options-
    1)Home 750 plan with 256 kbps speed
    2)Home 1350 Plan with 512 kbps speed.

  10. naresh Says:

    thanks for reply praneel

  11. sunitmishra Says:

    student plan is also given by bsnl 3g services at a low monthly rental

  12. SHAIKH AZHAR Says:


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