Jan 24

Vegan Breakfast Recipe 001

Posted by Praneel

Ziziphus + Muesli

This is a Good breakfast to start the day.
Take 45 gm muesli with 6 fruits of Ziziphus mauritiana (regu pandu in Telugu). Muesli are available in all Major Super Markets. There are many blends and brands of muesli some have added dry fruits. For best results select a brand without any added sugar. Muesli are usually better than cornflakes and have a high fiber content and low glycemic index.

You can add sliced banana or diced apple for a change. Keep changing the fruit everyday.
You can eat it dry or with some hot milk.

Ziziphus Plus Muesli Breakfast

Jan 24

Laptop Fan Sound Solution

Posted by Praneel

Toshiba R15 Tablet PC / Laptop Fan Sound Problem – Solution

My Toshiba R15 Tablet is making a lot of noise and the Fan is running at full speed almost all the time. In addition to this the laptop is overheating. Usually this is caused by clogging of the heat-sink or fan blades with dust.
My options were –

1) Send it to service (1200km away)
2) Replace the fan and heat sink by my self
3) Try a simple repair. Though risky I took the third option and proceeded with the cleaning.

[Caution: This procedure is not tested thoroughly and any harm caused to the equipment is unknown. Proceed at your own risk.]

1) Turnoff the laptop, remove battery and Remove all connectors.
2) Use suction to remove easy dirt.
3) Use fine nozzle attachment to blow away hard dirt.
4) Use suction again to remove any dirt residue. (If the cleaning is complete, you will hear a whistle during suction- this indicates the vents and fan blades are dirt free.)
5) Plug-in all connectors, replace battery and plug-in power.
*Extra Caution: Some suggest removing Ram modules and Hard Disk also during this procedure. I did not remove them and there seems to be no problem.

After the cleaning my Laptop is cooler and more silent than before. I might need to change the fan later, but this cleaning bought me more time and less noise.
Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PC /Laptop Fan Cleaning