Dec 4

The Problem: There are many complaints from owners about the faulty fuel pump indicator and the eventual low torque revving of Fiat Palio 1.9 Diesel . There are funny stories and elaborate nightmares in gruesome detail told by those who endured the service department’s sensible touch. Some sold their cars and some got them fixed for the time being. But there seems to be no real solution for this. Insurance company won’t cover it, because it is not a manufacturing defect (at least according to Fiat). And Fiat is not promising warranty on either the Repaired Pump (By TVSE motors – for Rs. 25,000 they change the Faulty sensor in the pump) or the new Pump (costs Rs. 75,000). As a bonus you have to pay it from your pocket. This is going to continue until Fiat accepts that it is a major screw-up in their manufacturing and rectifies it.

The Solution:
You have to start the engine 2 to 3 times until the indicator goes off. Once started, then usually there is no problem (except some public embarrassment).

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  1. shameer Says:

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  2. shameer Says:

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  3. Vipin.V Says:

    Sir,My fiat palio 1.9 D was not used for last 3 weeks. after cranking the engine the fuel pump warning and radiator warning lights are not blinking. please send me a solution .i am recharged the battery

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