Dec 4

The Problem: There are many complaints from owners about the faulty fuel pump indicator and the eventual low torque revving of Fiat Palio 1.9 Diesel . There are funny stories and elaborate nightmares in gruesome detail told by those who endured the service department’s sensible touch. Some sold their cars and some got them fixed for the time being. But there seems to be no real solution for this. Insurance company won’t cover it, because it is not a manufacturing defect (at least according to Fiat). And Fiat is not promising warranty on either the Repaired Pump (By TVSE motors – for Rs. 25,000 they change the Faulty sensor in the pump) or the new Pump (costs Rs. 75,000). As a bonus you have to pay it from your pocket. This is going to continue until Fiat accepts that it is a major screw-up in their manufacturing and rectifies it.

The Solution:
You have to start the engine 2 to 3 times until the indicator goes off. Once started, then usually there is no problem (except some public embarrassment).

100 Responses to “Fiat Palio 1.9 Diesel Starting Problem and Solution”

  1. shaji Says:

    please reply sir,

    i have facing one problem in my palio desel what while car running some times indicate engine check symble .that time actulator was not working and many of pls give me the solution for me.

  2. Praneel Says:

    If engine check symbol is on even after the engine starts it indicates sensor defect, which is a common problem in pre 2008 Fiat Palio Diesel cars. You will get little or no transmission if it is on.

    You have 3 solutions.

    1) Get the sensor replaced with a new one at any Fiat Service center – Costs about Rs 75,000.

    2) Get a repaired sensor from any Fiat service center for Rs 25,000.

    There is no warranty from Fiat in both methods. The part might fail immediately or in 2 months- which happened to many Palio Diesel owners.

    Or else you can

    3) Start and turn off the car 2 to 3 times and the indicator might turn off.
    Try this- put the key in (don’t turn it yet) and start it with one quick turn all the way (from off to ignition). It works almost all the time.

    Normal Procedure: Key in >> Twist to start battery power >> wait for the heater and pump indicators to go off >> Twist more to start ignition.

    Solution procedure: Key in >> Twist all the way to start ignition.

    But if your ignition heater coil indicator is ON, the problem is with one of the four heat sensors which can be replaced for RS 1,000 .

  3. roshan Says:

    i am facing the same problem.. i do ur third method.. i.e start in one quick time… is it nt harmful for the vehicle? plz reply

  4. Praneel Says:

    Roshan, I didn’t have any problem for the past 4 years using that method. It’s just one faulty sensor. If you want to play it safe, you can turn the key from off to on (not to ignition) and back to off in 5 seconds then follow the 3rd procedure to start. This way you will be certainly giving the time required by the pump to fill up the chamber.

  5. harsh Says:

    I am facing problem that my palio 1.9 D will start in first try and it will go off immediately within 1-3 seconds and then it will take much longer ignitions almost 8-9 times and then it will start.. or sometimes it wont start at all.. any suggestions plz

  6. harsh Says:

    I am facing problem that my palio 1.9 D will start in first try and it will go off immediately within 1-3 seconds and then it will take much longer ignitions almost 8-9 times and then it will start.. or sometimes it wont start at all.. any suggestions plz

    i have tried above 3rd method but it doesnt work and also there are no warning lights..

  7. Praneel Says:

    Get it checked immediately. It might be fixed with an oil or air filter change.

  8. Aman Says:

    I have faced the same trouble with the ignition pump light and subsequent choking of the car performance. Unfortunately due to lack of good understanding with mechanics, there are various diagnosis (if anyone knows of a good mechanic in delhi NCR, please let me know). The solution of first turning on the colis and (step 1) and then immediately turning the key to ignition seems to do the trick for now. I must say though that for all my love of the car (last 4 years), getting spares and service are certainly a pain!

  9. Vasanth Says:

    Hi i am facing a different problem which my fiat palio 1.9D engine is reworked in Bosh service centre, Before rework of engine the engine will start just like that and it will rock on the road with a good pickup and milage. My brother drove the car without seeing the tem gauage due to oil pup failure the engine got more heated and seazed. Now i reworked the engine but i am facing starting proble.
    When i start in the morning with twice or thrise putting heater the car will start in few seconds but after drive it for a kilometer and if switch off the car and i try to start it won’t start it will give a noice like low battery the engine won’t crank properly.

    I have changed a new battery but same problem, so once i swiched off the car i have wait for 15min and then if i start the car it will start, so every time when i stop the car i for any reason i have to wait for 15min or some times 30min to start it again.

    Also the pickup is very poorthe engine noice is too high. If i switch on the AC the engine check light will start glow and the speed of the car reduced 50% immediately. to get the normal accelaration i have to switch off the AC and also i have to restart the car.

    The Machenic in the Boseh service centre told that some sensor problem not able to findout.

    Someone please let me knw what will be the problem and what will be the solution for this. I don’t want to sell this car because i have already spend arround 75000 for the re work of engine and tyres.

  10. Praneel Says:

    If the engine is starting again after 30 min, it could be a problem with cooler fan fuse or one of the heat sensors, which can be fixed easily by replacing the sensor or just cleaning it and checking the wiring for loose connections. I had this problem and it was fixed easily by local service by checking the right side cable bundle under the steering and fixing a loose connection, but it reappeared thrice later getting fixed with the same solution. The car later had battery recharge problem, power steering failure and transmission failure.
    It is a good car and it was hard for me to sell it. I tried to fix it for more than the amount you mentioned to no avail. Finally I sold it for less than the amount I paid for repairs. I can empathize with you, but the fact is, you have to sell it or keep loosing money.

  11. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Thanks for your reply, i don’t want to sell the car because it is running properly once it get started only problem is its not get starting easly whe it was in heat, Also i checked with the CONCORD people they checked the ECM with the examinar and told that the fuel pump have some problem the position sensor is not working in the fuel pump and suggested to repair the fuel pump and other things have no issues.

    Is it right please let me know your comments.


  12. Vasanth Says:

    I am facing a problem in my Fiat Palio 1.9 D ELX model, the engine was overhalled by the bosch service centre from there my car is not starting when it is warm. When the engine is cold the car starts normaly but once its get heated if i cut off the engine and if i start it, it won’t start it will give noice like battery low but the battery is full charged, I have to leave the car for 30min to get cool and if i start now it will get start.

    This problem is giving more problem in city traffic and don’t what could be the issue.

    Can any help me what could be the problem and how to fix it?.

    Is it the same as the Crank shaft sensor?.

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Praneel Says:

    Hi Vasanth,
    This might be caused by a faulty heat sensor. I got the same problem with my Palio and the car even stopped after driving for 30 min. Then I had to let it cool down for a while to get started again. One local car electrician had many such complaints and he took a radical approach by removing the heat sensor connection. He did the same to my car until he got the sensor replaced after 3 weeks. Better get it fixed right away since their service is a bit faster now. The sensor does not cost much, afaik below Rs. 5000.
    Hope that helps

  14. amar Says:

    in my palio i changed power stearing belt and pully several times
    wht is the problem, once i change it works only belo 3000kms

  15. Vasanth Says:


    I have changed the Heat sensor but the problem didn’t fix, here my problem is once the car engine reached 40-50 degree C heat if i switch off the car it won’t start immediately it will crank like a low battery symptom, even if i change new battery at that time it won’t start, once the heat is reduced to 10-20 degree then only it will start.

    Due to this reason now i have rebuild the engine again but till the problem is not solved.

    It seems when it is hot the full power from the battery is not supplied to starter, is there any possible for this please help me i have spend a lot for this car so i don’t want to sell this.

    Any one give me the solution.


  16. mahesh shetty Says:

    Scanner, spare parts, spare parts cost and technical know how unavailibilty for fiat diesel 1.9 litre palio cars in india.
    Almost all 1.9 litre diesel palio of the 2003/2004 model in the country have developed a technical snag in the country. There are tons and tons of complaints of a similar nature which can be viewed in google if the fiat service team is really considers customer service as a belief in its organization . Yet fiat India’s head honchos remain oblivious to the fact and are not ready to accept that this Is a manufacturing defect. Some of the most common defects are
    1) fuel ignition sensor problem repairing which does not warranty proper functioning
    2) Startup and idling/standby problems
    3) Spare part,repairing and technical know-how which are more expensive than the car itself

    Though the car is beauty in its power and pickup I have spent more amount on car repairs other than it regular servicing and maintenance than the cars original value.
    I hope the fiat guys actually reads this and revert too

  17. vipin jose Says:

    my petra 1.9 elx starts and after a few kilometers run it turns off.i have to wait until it cools down to start again.please help

  18. rajeev Says:

    I have a Palio 2004 make and it have a fuel ignition light problem some times. More than that the there is a little louder knocking sound coming from the engine side. I have spend 25000 with fiat service centre to rework the head and the problem remains the same. Now they say engine has to be worked… Can any body pls advice.

  19. srinivasan mp Says:

    Dear friends
    The Palio 1.9 ELX engine starting problem solved by my mechanic replace orignal fuel pump in to FORD IKON fuel pump it is match no trouble,no need sensor connection,replace acclerator pedal in to wire control pedal it is only soluction for palio 1.9 elx problems.

  20. rupinder Says:


    i have palio diesel 2004 model,
    i have problem of ignition heater indicators light not comes on due to which car doesnt start, i am fed up with this problem, i will never advice even my enemy to buy fiat palio, i will sell it when the problem will be solved, the most worse car on earth is fiat, they don’t have spare parts, and neither proper trained mechanics, tata indica mechanics repair fiat cars, and they dont know about sensors of fiat, so my advice is never buy fiat cars

  21. P.M.Mahesh Kumar Says:

    Dear Sir,

    i need Crank for my Fiat palia diesel car 2003 model EL may i know what is the price?

  22. sadiq Says:

    Fiat Palio 1.9 Diesel check engine lite kabhi band hoti he kabi band nahi hoti direkt sell marte heto band hojatihe

  23. bijo Says:

    the worst vehicle in the world

  24. jayesh Says:

    Diesel pump is suctioning but it is not supplying in nozzel pipe

  25. manik Says:

    Hi All,

    I own a 1.9 diesel. The fuel pump has gone faulty. Any info on service centres ? ….Thanks

  26. suresh Says:


    i have a palio 1.9 diesel and i had issues with pump and got it rectified at Hari prasad auto garage, shankarmutt road, chamrajpet,bangalore.

    Suresh K

  27. Anand Says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Got similar problm as yours, can you pls send me your contact no. wanna talk to you reg. same. ..Thanks

  28. SUMEET Says:


  29. Vijay Says:

    Hi Suresh,

    My car may get similar problm as yours in future, can you pls send me your contact number. I wanted talk to you regarding the same.

    Vijay B R

  30. souvik Says:

    my palio 1.9 diesel has a very different problem after starting the starting the engine i have to switch off the engine and start it again because after starting the engine first time the car does not gives the Excelerator, but after starting the engine second time it works perfectly i have visited many workshops but the problem is
    not solve still now,

    after starting the car with the key it does not switch off with the key and after switching off the key the key
    comes out but the engine still is on

  31. Hi Suresh Says:

    Hi Suresh,

    First of all how you are saying the fuel pump is not working. Second find out the code using the scanner. The error code will gives the info of where is the fault. If the crank shaft is fault means the pump won’t supply diesel. Let me know in detail i will give the solution for that. I have a better experience in Palio 1.9D.

    I have faced lot of issue and have fixed everything using the farms and the info in the internet in step by step.


  32. Vasanth Says:

    Hi souvik,

    If the accelerator is not working at the first time and working after restating means there may be an issue with the position sensor in the fuel pump. First scan the ECM and find out the error code. Let me know the error code i will give a solution. If it is really a position sensor error in the fuel pump it cost more. Instead of repairing it you can do a alteration of fixing the ford ikon 1.8D fuel pump which mechanical pump.

    After starting the car, the car is not switching off through the key means there is a shot circuit in the electrical wiring. Check the fuse, relay and the wires at the side of the coolent tank. replace the 5 pin relay at the side of the coolent and the shock absorber. Don’t give the car for service who doesn’t know about the fiat technologies. The fiat technology is not too complicate if one really understand it.


  33. devikumar Says:

    What would be the cost of changing fuel pump from Fiat 1.9D to Fort Ikon 1.8D with mechanical pump including labour cost? Please help me out, I am in badly need of it.
    Thanking you.

  34. Vasanth Says:

    It cost around 18-20K including labour. Before do this first check where there is really problem in your fuel pump. Because most of the mechanic’s doesn’t know about it. If you have the error code which generated when scanning you can check with Lucus TVS in mumbai. The will let you know how much it will cost for servicing,The service depend on which sensor is issue in the pump. Sometimes it will works out cheaper too. Check before changing the fuel pump.

    Where are you from? do you have a good mechanic to do the fuel alteration?. Do it with a well knowledged mechanic.

  35. Parvinder Says:

    Hi! Vasanth,
    The error code on my 1.9 D palio is 0322 which means Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed circuit no siganl . Do you have any idea ? The engine does not crank at all. When i clear the DTC ,i get the message “System is OK” then one in 10 times ,the engine cranks for few seconds and then stops. I started my own Car Scanning business just few months ago in New Delhi.But i have never had much experience with Fiat Palio . If you any idea,please share.


  36. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Parvinder,

    Please check the crankshaft sensor, this may occur only if the crankshaft sensor is bad.

  37. Parvinder Says:

    Hi! Vasanth,
    Thanks for your kind reply on phone & here also. I have no words for your kind efforts to help me out. I will reply as soon as i can after resolving this.

  38. Parvinder Says:

    Hi! Vasanth,
    you were absolutely right. My mechanic found the crankshaft sensor just very close to starting motor(self),he removed it & we clean it but before connecting it, we scanned once again & we found the same DTC P0322 & then we connected it & this error code gone & the message was System OK ,we managed to crank the engine offcourse because of your kind information that u shared with me. After few minutes,we scanned once again & now we are getting error P0310 which means to do Throttle position sensor error.Can you help me again to locate this & also if you have factory service manual,please share the information.
    Thank u sooooooooooo much.

  39. Parvinder Says:

    Hi! Vasanth,
    In my last reply, i mistyped it as P0310 ,it is P0510 which states here : -


  40. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Parvinder,

    As per our last tele conv, how is your car now, have you seen any update. Please when you have time.


  41. Vasanth Says:

    Hi MR. Ramanuja,

    As i told you scan you ECU and let me know the error code stored in that, also check all the sensor cables were perfectly pluged before scanning.

    We will sure find a solution for your issue, Also try to update your experience in the blog so that others can get update on there issues.


  42. Sanjay Says:

    I bought a 2nd hand Palio 1.3 MJD which had done 80k and after driving it for last 5 months i am getting the injector signal and heater signal on on the console. The heater signal blink 3 times and then switches off and then the injector signal stays on. Any help on this as the nearest service station is 250+ km from my town. Thanks in advance.

  43. Harsha Says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    Can u pls suggest me what i need to do for my car(palio 1.9 d elx)i am facing the same problem pump light.
    I already sent once to mumbai for error rectification, it was fine for 10 months now the problem again aroused & i am totally broken with this issue, i have given to mechanic even he is stuggling to find a alternative pump(which is currently running)for replacment.
    My mechanic also suggested for altering with TOYOTA pump, I am not sure about this idea.
    Kindly let me know what measures have u taken?
    Is ur car is completely fine without any trouble with pump light?
    What shuld I do, suld I go for replacement or with alteration with toyota pump.

    Your help is really valuable for me, I almost spent 1.5L for this car for break booster,pump rectification once in mumbai,engine work,tyres,oil pump for leakage issue and suspension problem.

    Thanks in adance


  44. Vasanth Says:

    HI Harsha,

    Call me and let me know the current situation, we will find the solution. Changing TOYOTA pump is not easy and the mechanic should have better experience in this process. If you need to replace the pump i have a guy who is having the good running pump itself.


  45. Parvinder Says:

    Guys! if anybody interested to buy my 1.9 diesel Palio which is in New Delhi just for Rs65000/-. The Car is in runing condition but the paint & tires need to be done.The milege is around 15KMS/ltr which is good enough.

  46. Parvinder Says:

    My contact details :9811263307.

    Apart from all these, i have part time car scanning & Car keys(ikeys) facility available with me,if you have any issues with any brand of car,just contact me.

  47. Sagar Says:

    I am having the fiat palio 1.9 d 2004 the prob is in the first start the MIL glows continuesly even engine started .. we need to turn off the engine and restart the same then the MIL is goes off.. after 2 km run it again glows and remain constant till next restart of the engine.
    Pls reply how can i rectify the same ..

    Buldana (M.S.)

  48. anil raj Says:

    i am having a palio D1.9, its proble is that when u stant it, the engine starts but it gives a missing soung and the hazard warning lights keeps o n glowing and the vehicle does not accelerate. when u off the engine and restart it its ok and the lights go off, but in the running the vehicele gives a gerky feeling, i took the vehicle for a scan at a bosch servise station at kollam they scaned and the erroe code was P0245 rotor positioning sensor malfunction. can u suggest a femeddy for this thanks anil raj, kollam kerala

  49. vasanth Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Call me will discuss for the solution.


  50. Dheeraj Sharma Says:

    Hello Vasanth,

    I am having (Palio 1.9 D 2004).I am from delhi. My car have the same issue (Pump Problem – Error code P0510). i have read all the complaints about fiat palio,Is there any permanent solution of this problem….? Is this problem effect other parts of engine.I am sure the customer don’t have only one major issue, infact in most of the cases customer complaint about heating the car, which is because of Car Fan’s. If it is manufacturing fault then why not to Sue the
    company through legal procedure?

    Kindly advice….


  51. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Please let me know you issue in detail, as when the problem started and what are solutions you have taken.

    Possible call me will discuss in detail and come to a solution easily.


  52. samir Says:

    Dear sir,
    I have purchased a secound hand car fiat palio diesel 2005 model … The car is in pretty bad shape … Their is a fan belt noise while driving ,engine nocking is their while the car is on and in steady position , I had used fiat uno few years back and had used it for a good 5 to 6 years and had enjoyed a lot as I frequently travel between pune and mumbai I made this decision …. Have I made a wrong decision …. After reading so much problems … I am afraid … But only hope … Is from u that I will get the correct and reliable guidance …I am taking my car to garage … Will write to u what he tells…
    Regards samir

  53. vasanth Says:

    Hi Samir,

    Don’t worry we will try to our best to fix your issues also if possible please call me and let me know your issues in detail.


  54. Venkatesh Says:

    My palio (1.9d) Engine oil gets dried for 400 kms what is the problem with engine and it has different sounds bt der is no smoke after the ignition some mechanic say it got repair upto 50000 rs and some say its only a minor head problem im confused please clarify me

  55. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Venkatesh,

    Where are you from please call me if possible, me more detail to understand the issue.


  56. Dr. R. Krishna murthy Says:

    Dear Vasanth

    I own a fiat petra 1.9 D EL variant,2006 model. It is excellent vehicle, but now i am getting a problem as submitted by many, rightly i am following your 3rd solution, there is no problem but sometimes orange light glows and then disappears, i don’t know what the problem is, is it an indication for fueling the car.

    Kindly give solutions.

  57. Sarasan T N Says:

    Dear Vasanth,
    My Petra 1.9 D emits thick white smoke with jerk. Engine Head Cleaned but no result. Mech. advised to replace fuel Injection Pump. It costs Rs.65000/- But no red light is indicated. How can it solve simply? The car had to travel in flooded are recently.
    Thank u for ur valuable advice.


  58. Sarasan T N Says:

    Dear Vasanth,
    My Petra 1.9 D emits thick white smoke with jerk. But no red light is indicated.Engine Head Cleaned but no result. Mech. advised to replace fuel Injection Pump. It costs Rs.65000/- How can it solve simply? The car had to travel in flooded area recently.
    Thank u for ur valuable advice.


  59. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Sarasan,

    Need more detail to think about the solution, if possible call me when you are free, but please try to post the details after you got fixed, so that the other who are facing the same will see you post and get solved by them self.


  60. Stalin Says:

    Dear Vasanth,
    I was planning to buy a fiat palio car for second hand, but after reading lot of complaints I was bit nervous., as this going to be my first experience with cars(any car). So kindly give me your advice whether can I buy it? Does fiat is a good car? If i buy what are the things to check with?
    With regards

  61. chandru Says:

    Im new to fiat
    Im buyed second handled fiat Palio d 1.9
    I have only one problem with starting…
    Its takes many times to start and some times also the battery charge will be down,
    I once checked with mechanic, he told repair the starter
    Is that correct or any methods is there?
    Please replay sir…

  62. Vasanth Says:

    Hi Chandru,

    If the engine is running smooth without any timing issue and the battery is in good condition, then sure the starter will be the problem.

    The battery should be DIN60 or DIN65 for Palio 1.9D, if you use the lower rating battery there also you will face these kind of issue.


  63. chandru Says:

    Hi vasanth
    You’re right im using din60 battery,I checked with mechanic, he told it is good,
    But its charge downs when I try to start the engine 4-5 times
    Also im pulling the car to start when the battery downs, it will be start finely
    Im confused?… replay sir

  64. Vasanth Says:

    Where are you from, possible call me so that you can explain in detail about the starting issue and there is a chance for me to understand the exact issue and give solution.


  65. anne Says:

    Hi vasanth, am facing the same problem with pump..and steering belt am heading to it possible to suggest a nice place to fix it in delhi..??..

  66. mayur Says:

    Hi all! I have a petra D elx. Driven 1,20,000kms. I m very happy with the car. No warning lights no fuel pump issues till date. I wonder how i m spared by fiat that my car and pump are going sooo strong. It still is a head turner and blast to drive. I never feel like upgrading even after seeing modern cars. This car is the best and such car is not made anymore. I LOVE MY PETRA.

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  68. Ajith Says:

    Hai Vasanth,i own palio 1.9 d 2003 and clocked 67000 km .Indeed an excellent car. NO warning , sensor issues till date, but I faced lot of other issues like white smoke , poor morning starting ( solved by multiple pre heating), temperature rise starting issue , high vibration while accelerating (replaced engine mounts),and your valuable advice is really helpful in resolving many issues. now my AC needs refilling in every 3 months. What may be the issue tested the compressor and it is fine I am from Kerala and you may be knowing the condition of our roads


  69. Edwin Thomas Says:

    according to my vision fiat palio 1.9 diesel is really an comfortable one. The starting problem of your car is due to the problem with the ECM relay or fuse(which is assembled very closely to the battery cabin). The only thing to solve this problem is to, please replace that relay and fuse as soon as possible and dont worry that it is not costly……

  70. Dev Says:

    hi vasanth,

    My fiat palio 1.9D runs for few miles & stops. As per the mechanic it is due to sensors & the pump & it needs to be changed. let me know if there is any other better option


  71. Vasanth Says:

    Need more detail about the issue and is there any warning light in the dashboard. How many crank it will take to start.

    Where are you from. Possible call me for more detail.


  72. Vasanth Says:

    Dear Praneel,

    Please remove my Phone number from the blog.


  73. kanwal Says:

    After washing my fiat palio 1.9 d goes for about 30km .then I stopped for about 45 min. Then it doesn’t start and start with thick white smoke and sound from engine and low pick up. After that it is not starting mecanic checked he said may be due to ecm fault,he said pump, crank sensor ok please suggest.

  74. kanwal Says:

    After washing my fiat palio 1.9 d goes for about 30km .then I stopped for about 45 min. Then it doesn’t start and start with thick white smoke and sound from engine and low pick up. After that it is not starting mecanic checked he said may be due to ecm fault,he said pump, crank sensor ok please suggest. I am in chandigarh no scanning here

  75. kanwal Says:

    Pls give me address of some good mecanic in chandigarh and possible problem

  76. utkarsh Says:

    Hello All,
    If anyone could plz tell what to do if there is oil leakage from air filter pipe in Palio 1.9 D.


  77. Nemath Says:

    Hello Vasanth and Others!

    I have a Palio 1.9 D which has a similar problems as reported by you on October 5th, 2011. The vehicle starts and runs but if switched off, I have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for it to start again. I thought it was a battery issue and changed it but no improvement.

    Please let me know how you solved this issue.


  78. Praneel Says:

    Probably it’s a faulty heat sensor. Get it replaced or disconnected until replacement (at your own risk).

  79. Gopinath Says:

    In my fiat palio 1.9D, i am having problem. The next day after using the car, i found that the checking lamp and heater coil is not working. But rest of the indicators like hand brake, engine oil level indicator, battery indicators are glowing. When i cranked its getting cranked. But vehicle is not starting. I checked all the fuses in engine side and fuse panel which is in the steering side. Any ideas and guides in this regard, will be appreciated. Please help me to get service manual and electrical wiring manual. Thanks in advance.

    S. Gopinath (+91 97915 67776, +91 9698 345 222)

  80. Dundaji Says:

    Hi All,

    I have fiat palio 1.9d and the prob I am facing is -

    when I start the engine it auto raises with huge amount of black smoke and stops automatically (it happens every time and the start & stop is with 2-3 seconds)

    plz help me with any possible solutions

  81. Dundaji Says:

    Hi All,

    I have fiat palio 1.9d and the prob I am facing is -

    when I start the engine it auto raises with huge amount of black smoke and stops automatically (it happens every time and the start & stop is with 2-3 seconds)

    plz help me with any possible solutions


  82. veeresh Says:

    i have fiat palio 1.9d and the problem is,
    i have replaced ac compressor and after running the car dynamo belt is breaking(6pk1855)
    please help me with possible solution

  83. vipin.v Says:

    sir, i have a fiat palio 1.9d 2..5 model.the cars engine was automatically off during my brothers wedding day.i leave the car on roadside and evening the car was starting i drive to service center.after that we are facing starting problem.the car starts normally,after 50 seconds engine turnoff automatically.we rebuild the engine using original parts,serviced ECM&Pump,changed battery,thermostat,cooler fans motor…but the problem remains the same.we spend more than 1 lakh during last 4 months.consulted many electricians and pump mechanics..they find out the Crank signal cut off after one minute.we change crank sensor 2 times,please help me to find out the real problem!my contact number is :09497005713

  84. Subin Says:

    Dear Vasanth
    I have also same issue Check engine Light. If you don’t mind Please give your number. I will call you

  85. Vasanth Says:

    Dear Subin,

    Please mail me to


  86. vijay kumar sharma Says:

    what size of aux.belt as alterneter power stearing and
    a/c of my 2004 model palio car.
    please informe me sir.thank you.

  87. Raghunath Says:

    I want to sell my fiat palio 1.9 Elx D
    2004 model .
    In very good & running condition
    All power windows, power steering,
    All new tyres .
    @ Only Rs 50000/-
    Pl contact M: 8554995561
    I want to buy new car.


  88. ramachandran Says:

    sir, i have a fiat palio 1.9d elx and the problem is when AC is on the engine check indicator will glow.there is no light glows without AC.For your information this problem raised only after repaired the AC.When i wish to scan the vehicle the mechanic couldnt find out the OBD jack to check the vehicle.please give me a solution for that and let me know where the OBD jack placed in fiat palio 1.9d
    thank you
    91 9846046790

  89. surya Says:

    Recently I bought a second handed 1.9d palio .it has very poor pick and car has done 130000 kms . please advise what would be the issue. Will it put me any troble but engine noise is smooth.kindly help me

  90. Mallikrjuna Says:

    My fiat palio 1.9 d diesel car morning its takes long self & its once easy to start again morning only starting problem & mileage in city 12 kms and highway 17 kms i am not getting the mileage some body saying in city 15-16 and highway 20-22 why

  91. Selva S Says:

    Hi Vasanth,
    I am facing problem with rear power window the glass is not going down suddenly, with my mechanic we opened the door and disconnected a connector inside and shorted it then the door glass coming down. in case of closing its working as usual. it might be a relay issue not sure which one and where its located. your suggestion would help to find it.
    Selva S

  92. Parvinder Says:

    Hi! Guys,
    I am selling the 1.9 fiat Palio Diesel engine (running condition) along with its ECM.Please contact me @9811263307.I will finsh off this deal by the end of the month.So,Rush and get the deal.


  93. Gopinath Udayakumar Says:

    Hi Friends,
    I have given my Palio 1.9D Nov 2004 to SRV motors in salem before 10 months. (was referred to the mechanic by Denz motors a dealer). Initial problem -> oil getting pumped to the coolant. was informed that engine work has to be done, they made us to wait 3 months that they did not get the gasket and hose.. then said ECM has to be checked. then said there is an electrical fault etc and asked for 50k.
    now all the engine work done, when we went today, they say there is a problem with ECM board and has to be repaired.
    Mechanic says there is an input to the board but not output so car wont start and asking for 15k more to repair.
    Please suggest/advise.
    seems the ECM board will have a code and cannot be unlocked. dont know anything about this.
    Call me@9741111803.

    Gopinath U.

  94. vivekanandan Says:

    HI,vast Ji, HI I have given fiat palio 1.9 diesel I have problems in fule pump my mechanic have ideas to change push type fule pump from tank so I have change them but the problem is presure is relishing relief I have ideas to stop the disel from relief value. I am live in taminadu my mobile number 9750669173

  95. Sudhakar Says:

    I own Palio 1.9D ELX 2005 few days back my alternator belt cut off and timing is changed, so i took to a mechanic and he set pump timing 2 points advance but for the first 5-10 minutes white smoke is coming from engine side and even from silencer and engine is slightly jerking ( no smooth idling) after that every thing is normal please help me out how can this be rectified. 9492939699 my no.

  96. sameer Says:

    I have fiat petra d diseal car…isssur is jab bhi main car start karta hu …self dene ke bawajud bhi start nahi hoti main 4 to 5 times heater deta hu means symbol jo ata hai uske baad car 6 to 7 self ke baad start hoti hai….aur agar car din bhar chali ho toh koi problem nahi hota…if agar meri car maine ek din nahi nikali kahi aur dusre din start karne gaya toh start nahi ho pati….muze kaha gaya heater timer ka problem hai maine heater timer change kiya but problem chalu hai….main kabhi instant start nahi kar pata ..plz aap suggest ki jiyiye ki ye kis cheez ka problem hai…baki ek baar car start ho gayi toh baki kuch problem nahi hai …bas starting me start up ka bhaut problem plz sir give me a solution thanks.

  97. dharmaraj Says:

    Vasant ji
    Can u pls help me to tell about all the sensor in 1.9dle

  98. dharmaraj Says:

    We want to put heater on for sometimes before start the car?

  99. Mani Says:

    Hi sir,

    I have bought 1.9 diesel fiat palio recently.
    Now I am facing issues with crank sensor and ecm board issues.
    Can anyone suggest me where it can be get rectified?
    I am from tirupur at Tamil nadu.
    My number is 9095923582.

  100. Aakash Giri Says:

    sir…my palio. 1.9lit diesel engine giving m starting problm,means when I start engine first I give 2 to.3 times heater…then when I gona start engine, dat engine indicator does not go…when I ON OFF engine 2 to 3 times,den that indicator goes.
    plz give m.solution so that I cnt get that problm solve in low price or some useful techniques..
    plzzz sir

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